The Korseai Institute of Archaeological Research is vital in supporting the European Union’s dedication to scientific advancement, cultural heritage preservation, and knowledge sharing. Our work aligns seamlessly with several EU initiatives, including programs focused on underwater archaeology, safeguarding cultural heritage, and disseminating knowledge.

Institute’s expertise in these areas contributes significantly to a deeper understanding of the archipelago of Fournoi’s historical significance and cultural richness.

Through our research endeavours, public awareness initiatives, and potential collaborations with other institutions on EU-funded projects, Korseai embodies the spirit of the European Union’s scientific and cultural aspirations.

DIVESAFE integrates several diving-related technologies, equipment, and apps into a comprehensive solution, allowing for more efficient and safe scientific and professional diving missions

The NERITES project utilizes autonomous platforms to remotely survey underwater cultural heritage monuments and artifacts using non-destructive, cost-effective and transportable digital solutions

ANDIKAT “Diving Routes in Marine Protected Areas of the Eastern Med.” investigates the potential of specific areas of Greece and Cyprus to develop their tourism dynamics based on diving tourism

Korseai Institute of Historical & Archaeological Research

Our mission is to advance the understanding of the past through rigorous research and innovative approaches.