“Our mission is to advance the understanding of the past through rigorous research and innovative approaches.”


Institute of Historical &
Archaeological Research

“Our mission is to advance the understanding of the past through rigorous research and innovative approaches.”


Institute of Historical &
Archaeological Research

The Team

Here, we open a window into the lives and minds of the dedicated people who fuel the institute’s groundbreaking work. Their combined expertise and passion for unraveling history’s mysteries are what drive our success.

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Dr. George Koutsouflakis

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Dr. Peter B. Campbell

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Manos Mytikas

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Vasilis Mentogiannis

Dimitra Voutyrea

Olga Marinaki

Angelos Tsompanidis

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Angeliki Bei

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Kostas Katsioulis

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Eleni Diamanti

Vasiliki Kyprouli

Founders’ Declaration of Korseai Institute

The “Korseai Institute of Historical and Archaeological Research was created in the winter of 2016/2017 by the management of the maritime archaeological research team of Fournoi in partnership with representatives of the Municipality of Fournoi.

The decisive factor for its creation was the experience of the two preliminary research periods in the Fournoi archipelago, a profound experience for those who participated in it. The unprecedented wealth of marine finds in a small and isolated island unit that rarely appears in the historical foreground completely revised how we saw the Aegean until today and demonstrated that the importance of people can be much greater than they let on: historical contexts and the archaeological evidence of land sites to become transparent.

The historical importance of island communities as microcosms, as isolated geographical units, but at the same time as pieces of a wider mosaic of maritime communication and trade and finally as “footprints” for the completion of a sea journey, has been analyzed in monographs and collective works in the past. Not exhaustively – an understanding of the historical significance of a place does not always have to conform to proposed historical models. Only the continuation of the archaeological research will demonstrate whether the Fournoi are an exception to the rules or are also subject to the legality of historical considerations.

The possibilities between the Fournoi, as a historical and archaeological research field, are inexhaustible. Following the fact that with the first two archaeological expeditions in Fournoi, we “scraped the tip of the iceberg,” we persistently searched for ways to secure the investigations and their intensification. All this is in a tough economic situation for Greece, where field research budgets are shrinking, and many are aborted due to a lack of financial resources and means. If archaeological fieldwork is to become viable, the need for extroversion appears more imperative now than at any other time in the past.

This Institute aspires to be a catalyst for historical and archaeological interest in the Aegean region. Its ultimate goals are not just the financial and logistical support of any field research of the Archaeological Service or other scientific bodies, but also the encouragement of research in historical archives and the promotion of any study that contributes to the understanding of the political stock and the reconstruction of the past of these islands and their surroundings. By supporting this initiative, you are not just investing in research, but also in the preservation and understanding of Aegean history, a responsibility that we all share.

The history of similar foundations, societies, and associations in other regions of the Aegean has shown that some of these initiatives have survived for a remarkably long time and produced important publishing work, which was left as a lasting legacy to scientific research and scholars of the future. This is our vision for the Korseai Institute of Historical and Archaeological Research in Fournoi Korseon, one of the Aegean’s outposts. With the belief that this effort will endure, we look forward to our successors’ contributions, inspired by this initiative’s potential to shape the future of Aegean history and archaeology.

Of the founding members

Dr. George Koutsouflakis, Korseai General Director & Assistant Professor of Maritime Archaeology, University of Thessaly

Korseai Institute’s Vision for the Future

The Korseai Institute is committed to advancing Historical and Archaeological research, preserving Cultural Heritage, and fostering Education and access to knowledge. In pursuit of these goals, we are focusing on the following initiatives:

Scientific Field Research

Conducting comprehensive investigations of ancient, medieval, and recent cultural artifacts, sites, and manifestations, aligning with the provisions of Law 3028/2002 on antiquities protection.

Promotion of Historical and Archaeological Research

Spearheaded research projects and fieldwork assistance in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Degradation Rate Studies

Investigating the rate of deterioration of man-made structures, its impact on the natural environment, and developing effective preservation strategies for both the structures and the environment.

Conferences, Exhibitions, and Events Organization

Host conferences, exhibitions, and events to showcase research findings, engage with the public, and promote cultural exchange.

Enhancing Knowledge Access

Creating and developing educational programs, lifelong education and training initiatives, and open and distance education opportunities to broaden access to knowledge.

Research Results Dissemination

Effectively presenting and disseminating research findings related to our programs within Greece and internationally, including through audiovisual productions, multimedia applications, publications, websites, and other appropriate channels.

Theme Park Development

Establishing theme parks aligned with the Institute’s objectives to enhance public engagement and education in history, archaeology, and cultural heritage.

Advisory Intervention

Providing expert advice while developing projects, proposals, and bills related to the Institute’s goals and submitting recommendations to relevant authorities.

Issues Monitoring

Continuously monitor developments relevant to the Institute’s mission and provide timely updates to stakeholders.

Development Interventions and Collaborations

Implementing development interventions, participating in programs and collaborations with national and international organizations, and managing these partnerships effectively.

Networking and Solidarity

Nurturing strong bonds, fostering a spirit of solidarity, and cultivating relationships between members, friends, and supporters of the Institute.

Moral, Cultural, Social, and Spiritual Development

Contribute to the moral, cultural, social, and spiritual well-being of members, friends, and supporters through our initiatives and programs.

Incentives for Activities

Creating incentives to support the organization and development of our activities, including employing qualified individuals and establishing committees to address specific matters.

By pursuing these objectives, the Korseai Institute aims to make a significant contribution to the preservation of historical and archaeological heritage, the advancement of knowledge, and the enrichment of society as a whole.