KORSEAI is proud to participate in the project “Systematic Autonomous Remote Surveying of Underwater Cultural Heritage Monuments & Artifacts Using Non-Destructive, Cost-Effective and Transportable Digital Solutions,” which will be implemented in 2024.

From 1/1/2024, KORSEAI participates in the project “Systematic autonomous remote surveying of underwater cultural heritage monuments and artefacts using non-destructive, cost-effective and transportable digital solutions” with the acronym “NERITES,” which is implemented within the framework of the European program HORIZON-CL2-2023-HERITAGE-01 of the European Commission.

The purpose of the European program is to examine the use of various technologically advanced means for the remote monitoring of underwater archaeological sites, to protect them from possible illegal invaders, and for the chemical mapping of underwater cultural heritage, which will allow the determination of the factors that cause damage to an underwater monument.

These means will be a set of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), which will be connected to unmanned surface vehicles (Unmanned Surface Vehicles – BUOYs) and remotely operated vehicles (Remote Operated Vehicles – ROVs). AUVs are offered because of their autonomy, their ability to follow a pre-planned route and to do strategic sampling with low energy cost and high uptime expectancy. The BUOYs, equipped with solar energy collectors, will collect and analyze the data from the AUVs and send it to the supervisor/user at a remote monitoring station on land to enable periodic mission life cycle management and the general overview of the state of the entire system based on real-time visual analysis mechanisms.

For more info: https://nerites.eu/korseai-institute-of-historical-and-archaeological-research/